Working daughter finds balance with FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meals

Kelly feels fortunate for all the time she has had and continues to share with her 97-year-old mother, Doris.*

For years, Kelly and her brother took turns checking in on their mom at her home. However, as Doris continued to age, her health deteriorated, and she needed more help. Determined to keep Doris out of an assisted living facility, Kelly’s family made the decision that Doris would move in with Kelly’s brother and stay with Kelly for a few days each week.

Because Kelly has a full-time career with a pharmaceutical company, she found it challenging to balance work and preparing meals for her mother. That’s when Kelly decided to sign Doris up for FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meals.

“It’s been very good,” Kelly said about the program. “The meals are always on time and the people that deliver the food are always patient and kind. They’re great people.”

Before signing up for home-delivered meals, Kelly often prepared the same simple lunch for Doris in between work meetings. Now, Kelly said she breathes easier knowing that Doris receives an array of nutritious options to eat.

“The food is very good. Mom enjoys the meals a lot and there is a nice variety,” Kelly said.

Kelly encourages family caregivers and anyone who thinks they could benefit from FeedMore WNY’s home delivered meals program to reach out to FeedMore WNY at 716-822-2002.

“I’m very grateful for the program. I had never realized these options were out there. It has been so helpful for me, and for my mom to receive these nutritious meals throughout the week,” Kelly said.

*names have been changed per interviewee’s request.