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nutrition education

FeedMore WNY’s nutrition education initiative gives community members of all ages the tools they need to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Check out our various programs below.

just say yes to fruits and vegetables

Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables is a New York State initiative dedicated to inspiring adults and families to make informed food choices. Our Community Nutrition Educators offer free cooking classes, nutrition workshops, and recipe demonstrations in a fun and safe environment that empowers participants to try new recipes, practice cooking skills and adopt healthy food habits. 

JSY works to ensure that participants have the ability to take an active role in understanding the impact of food choices on their family’s health by taking into account differences in knowledge, cultural traditions and experiences. 

To learn more about our Just Say Yes to Fruits and Vegetables Program, call (716) 822-2005 ext. 3089. Send message via email at

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good cookin

Adults of all ages can participate in a free, five-week cooking course to learn about cooking and healthy nutrition practices.

Here, they will learn about the new trends in nutrition and easy ways to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks. Participants will also receive tips about shopping on a budget and, at the end of each class, they will be provided with recipes and ingredients to recreate those meals at home.

If you’re interested in participating in our Good Cookin’ program, contact Perry Schmidt at or at (716) 822-2005 ext. 3104.

kids in the kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen is a hands-on program where children learn about cooking and healthy nutrition practices.

This five-week course is free of charge and offered to children between the ages of 5-18. Students learn how their eating habits affect their health as they prepare simple, nutritious meals and snacks. At the end of each class, they will be provided with recipes and ingredients to recreate those meals at home.

Groups may enroll through schools, community centers, and FeedMore WNY’s member agencies.

We also offer these classes virtually.

For more information about Kids in the Kitchen, contact Omar Velasquez at or at (716) 822-2005 ext. 3115.

community garden

The Community Garden, our garden in memory of J. Milton “Zeke” Zeckhauser, is located at FeedMore WNY’s Holt Street property. The garden is a space for community members to learn to grow their own produce through garden and nutrition workshops, education and hands-on experience.  The space provides fresh, locally grown produce to our member agencies and their clients.

Contact Abigail Alder at or (716) 822-2005 ext. 3612 if you are interested in participating or volunteering in the Community Garden this year!

rooting for our neighbors

The “Rooting for our Neighbors” agriculture project features two state-of-the-art hydroponic farms built inside shipping containers. By using automated systems and a mobile app designed to monitor progress, produce can be grown using as little as five gallons of water per day – approximately 95 percent less water than traditional farming methods. Through the container farms, FeedMore WNY can grow nutritious fruits and vegetables year-round in an indoors, pesticide-free, sunless environment.

Contact Alex Schmittendorf at or (716) 822-2005 ext. 3096 if you are interested in learning more about our container farming initiatives!