Mary and her family love FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meals program

“Where there is family, there is love,” reads an embroidered blue throw pillow in Mary’s apartment.

It is a fitting emblem of Mary’s life, which has been filled with decades of love and family.

A great-grandmother, Mary began her family with her husband, Frank, a World War II hero.

“We were married for 45 years, and in that time, we had seven children,” Mary said.

Now, at 93 years old, it is her children’s turn to care for Mary.

Because Mary has a fixed income, her son, Paul, and her other children, took turns buying Mary groceries and helping her around her apartment. But as Mary’s eyesight worsened, it became harder for her to cook for herself.

“She’s blind, legally. There was a concern that she wouldn’t be able to make all her meals for the week,” Paul said, adding that he and his siblings began to wonder if it was time for Mary to leave her apartment and move into an assisted living facility.

“It’s not easy, because she has needs. We have to remember that she’s our mom and she took care of us growing up,” Paul said. “We love our mom, and we want what’s best for her.”

Then, Paul and his siblings learned that Mary would be a good fit for FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meal program.

Now, Mary gets two nutritious meals delivered daily by a friendly volunteer.

“We were concerned for mom’s welfare. We were hoping that, you know, something would come along that would help us. And this came along in a big way,” Paul said.

In addition to receiving healthy, nutritious meals, Mary always looks forward to visits from her meal delivery volunteers.

“I look forward to seeing them every day,” Mary said. “It’s a nice experience for a 93-year-old lady to have somebody come in other than your family.” For Paul and his siblings, FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meals program offers peace of mind to know that Mary receives nutritious meals and welfare checks when they cannot be with her.

“It’s almost like another having another person in the family deliver meals to her,” Paul said.

For Mary, the program means she can count on something delicious to eat and a friendly visit.

“I’m having good nutrition and I’m having a very delightful meal,” Mary said. “[The volunteers] talk to you and they make you feel important in their lives.”

To learn more about FeedMore WNY’s home delivered meal program, call FeedMore WNY at 716-822-2002.

View the video to learn more about how the home delivered meals program has positively impacted Mary’s life.

Mary stands next to her husband, Frank.

Mary, center, and her children are thankful for the home delivered meals program.