FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meals provide nutrition, peace of mind

Laura has always been a caregiver. A retired preschool teacher and a mother of three, Laura now splits her time between babysitting her granddaughter and caring for her 85-year-old father, Gary.

As much as Laura loves to care for her family, it can be a challenge for Laura to manage everyone’s needs. After her son-in-law passed away last year, Laura needed to increase her out-of-town visits to look after her young granddaughter.

“When I knew that I would be going [out of town] every week, I was worried about my dad and his nutrition,” Laura said.

That’s when she reached out to FeedMore WNY’s home-delivered meal program. Now, Gary gets freshly made, nutritious meals delivered to his home five days each week – and Laura is comforted knowing someone is caring for her dad while she is away.

“I know he is getting a really nice meal, and milk and a roll, every day. It makes me feel really good,” she said.

Several months ago, Gary suffered a heart attack. After a hospital stay and rehabilitation, he was able to return to living home independently with the support of the home-delivered meals program.

“I love the peace of mind of knowing that someone is going to be able to check on my dad every day and make sure that he is well and healthy,” she said.

Gary looks forward to the visits from his home-delivered meal volunteers.

“They’re great. They’re all very friendly, and they know me,” Gary said. An avid football and hockey fan, Gary enjoys talking to his meal delivery volunteers about sports.

He’s also a big fan of the meals he receives fresh each day from FeedMore WNY.

“I’m very lucky to have [the meals]. I look forward to them every day,” he said.

If you or a loved one could benefit from home-delivered meals, Laura and Gary both recommend contacting FeedMore WNY.

“Make the call,” Laura said. “It’s been wonderful.”

Laura and her father, Gary.

Laura lights the candles on Gary’s birthday cake as Gary cheers during his 85th birthday celebration.