FeedMore WNY’s Food Farmacy Initiative Reaches Milestone

Participants of FeedMore WNY’s Food Farmacy program often celebrate milestones, like mastering a recipe or hitting a target weight on the scale. Now, the Food Farmacy’s first class of students are proud of another big achievement: completing the 12-month course.

The innovative program is a collaboration between FeedMore WNY, Catholic Health and D’Youville University. Participants partake in cooking classes and meet regularly with FeedMore WNY Registered Dietician Katie Morris to receive nutrition counseling and discuss health goals.

“I really commend all of our participants for being able to stick with the program and complete their goals,” Morris said.

Sisters Health Center D’Youville patients who may be facing food insecurity are referred to the program and the on-campus food pantry. However, the Food Farmacy and pantry also welcome D’Youville students and neighbors in the surrounding West Side of Buffalo community.

“It makes me feel good that I accomplished this goal,” said Brian, a recent Food Farmacy graduate. “When I saw that my weight had gone down on the scale, it made me feel like the program was worth it.”

Thanks to the program, Brian said that he now knows how to read and assess nutrition labels on food packages.

Brian also finds the support of the food pantry to be extremely beneficial and will continue to use it to stay healthy and make ends meet.

“I get a balanced assortment of foods – grains, cereals, meats, fruits and vegetables and dairy. I like that it is very convenient and that there are a good selection of food items,” he said.

The food pantry is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday at D’Youville’s Health Professions Hub, located at 301 Connecticut St. in Buffalo. Morris encourages anyone who believes they could benefit from the pantry or the Food Farmacy program to reach out.

“We are here, and I am more than happy to help,” Morris said.