Volunteer Spotlight: Ken Stengel

Always happy to greet visitors and employees, in addition to speaking with FeedMore WNY clients on the phone, Ken Stengel believes volunteerism is an important aspect of working to improve any community.

Ken recently provided us answers to questions (at right) regarding his weekly volunteer work with FeedMore WNY.

Q. What motivates you to volunteer with FeedMore WNY?

A. I love working with the people at FeedMore WNY. Everyone is positive and helpful in both a business and personal way.

Q. How often do you volunteer for FeedMore WNY?

A. I volunteer at FeedMore WNY Thursday afternoons from noon to 4 p.m., and other days if asked and I am available.

Q. How do you enjoy working with the other volunteers?

A. All of the other volunteers are great to work with, positive and helpful!

Q. Why do you think it is important to volunteer in the community?

A. It is important to volunteer to give something back toour neighbors and community. We are not alone.

Q. Do you volunteer with other local nonprofits or community groups?

A. I am currently not volunteering elsewhere on a regular basis but do offer my services at my church as needed.

Q. What makes volunteering at FeedMore WNY so special to you?

A. People who call in to FeedMore WNY are in need. They often need help, conversation, and reliance on others for services. I am happy to be one person who can often provide them with assistance!