Buffalo Rehab Group builds values volunteering with FeedMore WNY

Buffalo Rehab Group has been delivering meals to homebound neighbors since spring 2020. We recently caught up with Buffalo Rehab Group to learn why volunteering with FeedMore WNY is so important to them.

How did your company get involved with FeedMore WNY? When the pandemic first started, Buffalo Rehab Group learned of the difficulties people were having getting meals due to COVID restrictions. As essential workers, we knew we had to step up to do whatever we could to further help our community. We began by having over 20 teammates volunteer to pack meals out of the warehouse and picking up routes when possible. Our team loved participating, so we asked to have something more consistent, eventually adopting a route that we share among our entire organization.

What motivates Buffalo Rehab to volunteer with FeedMore WNY? One of Buffalo Rehab Group’s eight core values is “community.” Actively living to make our community healthy and happy is a motivator and responsibility we feel strongly about fulfilling by volunteering for FeedMore WNY. We strive to help the community in any way that we can, not just through physical and occupational therapy.

What would you say to other organizations interested in volunteering? As a WNY business since 1990, we have learned that we are only as strong as our local community. Building our community through volunteering efforts is a great way to help and allows many teammates to get involved and contribute to a bigger cause.

Share a moment you experienced that shows the importance of community volunteering. There are so many special moments, but the overwhelming theme our team experiences is the happiness people have to see you when they open their door, say hello, and have a few minutes of human socialization. We all have basic needs, food being one of them. But humans also need human interactions, and to know someone in the outside world cares enough to stop by, say hello and deliver them a warm meal with a caring smile.

Julia Mullican with Buffalo Rehab Group gets ready to deliver nutritious meals to a neighbor on her home-delivered meal route.

Contact our Volunteer Manager at volunteer@feedmorewny.org or at (716) 822-2005 ext. 3077 to learn more about our Adopt-A-Route program or to get started today!

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