Buffalo State’s Adopt-A-Route program flourishes due to volunteers’ commitment

As a way for Buffalo State University to strengthen and expand its community outreach, Carol DeNysschen, a longtime FeedMore WNY volunteer, led the institution in establishing its first Adopt-A-Route program in 2020.

Dean for the School of Profession at Buffalo State, DeNysschen is also a member of FeedMore WNY’s board of directors and past site manager for the nonprofit.

To initiate the program, DeNysschen said she started with the creation of a Google spreadsheet that could be sent interdepartmentally. She said it was a simple effort that didn’t take long to receive results.

“The idea was for Adopt-A-Route to open the door for more volunteering at Buffalo State, and I think it has and will continue to do so,” she said. “Good experiences will lead to great opportunities.”

Since its creation three years ago, DeNysschen’s efforts have generated a second Adopt-A-Route and produced a volunteer roster of 21 members. Buffalo State’s list of route volunteers is comprised of faculty and staff from various departments.

“I am so proud of this campus and what we’ve been able to accomplish, and how we’ve been able to assist others,” DeNysschen said.

FeedMore WNY’s Adopt-A-Route program allows businesses and groups to establish a weekly home-delivered meal route. Each route within the program consists of at least eight volunteers who work in pairs, allowing one person to drive and the second to deliver the meal directly to each client. Working within a rotating schedule, each duo volunteers one lunchtime per month.

“The administration has been very supportive and thankful for it,” she said. “I really am proud of how we’ve helped people. Everyone is proud of what we’ve done. Adopt-A-Route is a perfect opportunity to get people involved in the community.”