Paying it forward provides others
with hope during hard times

Jenny has called Western New York home ever since moving here with her family from Florida in 2016.

The family of six relies on the income from Jenny’s husband’s work as a contractor. But while his hours are mostly regular in the summertime, his income isn’t so steady in the wintertime.

To help supplement, Jenny opened a food truck in 2017. The Pig-Out Place served Southern-style barbecue and was a community favorite in Cattaraugus.

Unfortunately, when the pandemic struck in 2020, the family fell on hard times and Jenny had to temporarily close the food truck, and even sell some equipment in order to stay afloat.

That’s when she found the Cattaraugus Food Pantry, a FeedMore WNY partner agency.

There, your generosity helps ensure that Jenny can pick up many healthy foods her family loves. Jenny is so glad to have the food her family needs to thrive

She said she hoping to pay it forward by starting a community garden to help share food with her neighbors, in she is also looking forward to reopening her food truck.

Jenny is truly grateful for your partnership during a time of uncertainty for her family.

“I appreciate the help,” she says. “It really does help make ends meet.”